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Blake Jay Heminger

Blake Jay Heminger was born in Traverse City, Michigan on December 30, 1952. He has two brothers and one sister. His family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan around 1953, where he grew up and graduated from Ottawa Hills High School in 1971. During senior year, Blake visited his brother in Alameda California who was in the Navy, stationed at NAS Alameda. Blake fell in love with Northern California and moved to Oakland around 1973. Several years later, his family decided to make the move west and also settled in Alameda.

Blake's first job in Northern California was pharmacy technician with Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Oakland, where he was employed from 1973 until 1980. He graduated with honors from Merritt College in 1980, with an Associate of Science degree in Radiologic Technology and performed his internship at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, California. As a newly certified Radiologic technologist, he was hired by Sutter Medical Center in San Francisco, where he remained until June 1981.

He then decided to work as “on-Call technologist”. During one on call assignment with Frank M. Close, MD, Blake was asked if he would like to become the clinic's permanent Radiologic Technologist. He accepted and remained with the organization until it was sold to Occupational Medical Corporation of America (OMCOA). Doctor Donnie Livingston, CEO of OMCOA, was so impressed with Blake's work ethic, he asked him to remain on as staff Radiologic Technologist. During his tenure, Blake was promoted to the San Francisco office’s manager.

He was then asked to become Dr. Livingston’s personal assistant and remained with OMCOA until it was sold to the Allcare Corporation. After his release, Blake went to ADECCO employment agency seeking temporary work and was sent on assignment in their corporate headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. His 30-day “temporary assignment” became a 5 year permanent position and he was assigned to work on their internet as a programmer.

In 2002, the company phased out its headquarters in Redwood Shores and moved to New York, NY. However, the ADECCONET division was moved to the offices in Switzerland. Blake's supervisor John Bee asked him to relocate to Switzerland and he declined. Finding himself unemployed, when the September 11 (911) attack occurred, Blake heard that Covenant Aviation Security (CAS) was looking for officers to screen passengers and baggage. He applied along with 15,000 other applicants and after passing the assessment phase, he was one of the lucky 1500 applicants given an offer of employment. With his x-ray background, Blake was hired as checkpoint screening lead.

In 2005, Blake was promoted to checkpoint screening supervisor and remains in this position today. While at CAS he was voted by his peers to the position of Customer Service Ambassador. He is certified to TSA standards in X-Ray, bag check and passenger pat-downs and CPR certified as well as first aid.

An avid baker, Blake has won numerous awards for his creations. One of his biggest baking accomplishments is winning the Betty Crocker “Soft as Silk” flour championship in 1990.

He is also an award winning photographer. The alluring beauty, the bright and subtle colors, the intriguing patterns of his digital art have earned Blake accolades from Kodak, Nikon, Ritz Camera, Rangefinders Magazine, the San Francisco Arts Commission as well as the Arts Council of Foster City. His images are also part of several permanent art collections at Saint Mary’s Hospital Cancer Center and AMWAY Corporation.

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