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Tina Jui-Ting Wu

Tina Jui-Ting Wu is Taiwan's outstanding independent musician, composer, and recording artist. A progressive, constantly evolving, multi-instrumentalist, proficient on drums, piano, keyboards and guitar. Her down-tempo electronic music flavor is drawn from a mix of influences ranging from experimental electronica to alternative rock and indie pop/rock to softer traditional folk.

Classically trained on piano at a young age, she began composing during high school when she first heard a friend's piano improvisation. Shortly afterward, Tina discovered to her delight that she could create her own original tunes on piano. From there she dared to step forward into an unknown musical journey, searching for and composing music with that divine ability to move peoples’ hearts and shake up their soul.

Born in Taiwan, growing up in New Zealand and Australia, allowed Tina to listen to and absorb many different varieties and styles of music. In 2006, she attended SAE music school to learn more about digital recording and production. Currently, she is writing, recording and refining her solo work and co-writing with other artists.

Her current music project, "Grain Drop" is inspired by the Bible verse John 12:24 “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Tina explains, “This verse is so inspiring to me and lets us know that through his death, Jesus will be accessible to all. We all share in the blessings of love he has anointed us with.” Every drop of grain indeed inspires Tina Wu to cherish every kernel of life that she is blessed to experience and savor and incorporate this undiminished joy into her spiritually inviting compositions.

She is focused today on blending and nuancing different genres, such as the beauty of ambient texture of soundtrack with intoxicating grooves and strong driving melody. Her mission is to transport the listener through an emotionally satisfying musical journey. “I like to experiment with different genres, take chances, to create music which is hard to define but easy to get hooked on.”

Tina is working on her latest album and collaborating with other musicians and visual artists to further nurture her growth as an artist. To date, her tracks have been included in several compilation CDs, – Into Existence, Crickets Make Math and many Sound Cloud compositions.

Tina's unique gift emanates from her ability to envision soundtracks that are strikingly unusual yet able to capture and influence the listener's emotional space. She is also moved quite strongly and deeply by other expressions of art.

“I'm establishing a Facebook group, Artist Entrepreneur Journey, to bring artists from different aspects (such as visual artists, musicians, photographers and videographers) to facilitate working together by sharing and marketing ideas. Now is a great time for collaboration from vast varieties of artists. Instead of working for some big, faceless company and letting them decide what the market needs, we can be our own masters by working together.”

“My primarily progressive electronic music riffs, with a strong influence of past rock and ambient soundtracks, assure that the arrangement is not your typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus; instead, more like A-B-C.”

Tina Wu's music and artistic adventures are redefining the nature of Progressive music, offering an exciting musical opportunity for all who follow her on this exquisite journey.

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