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Tom McCormick

With over 20 years' experience in the fields of customer service, operations, and call center technology, Tom McCormick has developed a keen ability to lead and motivate large teams while focusing on quantitative metrics such as analysis/strategic planning, quality, call routing strategies, and forecasting.

Currently, Tom's management and leadership expertise serves him well as Director of Workforce Management for health med insurance liaison, Medsolutions in Franklin, Tennessee. He leads the Workforce Management and Reporting team for Contact Center Operations, including forecasting, staffing, scheduling, daily management and reporting. Further, managing and optimizing contact center performance, he works closely with marketing, training, QA, IT and Telecom teams. He also creates and executes vital plans for new product and technology roll-outs. Through compliance with client service agreements, he ensures that costly penalties are avoided, and his restructuring of the Workforce team has resulted in over $100,000 savings per year in salary and benefits.

Tom began his call center career in 1992 as a Brokerage Trading Representative for Fidelity Investments in Cincinnati, after graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Recognized as a future leader, Tom was asked to relocate to Boston in 1997 where he transitioned into a Senior Operations/Team Lead role. During this time, he coordinated a system conversion, resulting in a 63% reduction of costs and saving the business unit $29,000 annually. While at Fidelity, Tom was selected by management to serve a three-month international assignment in London with his business unit to provide contact center technical and operational support. He credits Fidelity with helping him identify and develop his current management style of mutual respect, patience, and reliability.

In 2004, Tom accepted a position with Starwood Hotels and Resorts outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where he successfully managed six customer contact center operations teams supporting six international (US, China, Ireland, and Canada) call centers, totaling 1000 seats and representing 16 languages. He reduced internal client complaints by 30% by identifying and correcting a complex issue involving both Starwood’s call routing and reporting system. Acknowledged as a competent and fair leader, Tom worked with various management groups throughout the organization to ensure staffing and recruitment, training, and sales goals were met companywide.

Another opportunity knocked on Tom’s door in 2009, when he relocated to Southern California to join Union Bank as their Workforce Management Manager II. He competently stepped in to assist them with system improvements, including intelligent call routing that improved productivity by 10%, as well as worked on an initiative that increased staff schedule flexibility which was well received at all levels of his business unit. In addition, his forward-thinking and supportive management style has resulted in a more efficient and satisfied Workforce Management team.

Throughout his career, Tom McCormick has had the opportunity to cultivate and mentor large groups while focusing on system improvements including product and cost analysis, strategic planning, and operations as well as enhancing the overall total customer experience.

Tom currently resides in Franklin, TN, and is willing to relocate. He is open to opportunities which would allow him a step forward with a greater level of responsibility within the contact center operations, shared services and/or workforce management or relationship/client management environment.

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