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Suzanne Chaudhury

With her impressive and considerable talents in Office Management, Executive Support and Business Administration, Suzanne Chaudhury is the consummate professional, supporting optimized bottom-line performance and exhibiting unparalleled integrity and commitment to excellence.

A superlative Executive Assistant in Healthcare, Law Firm and Investment Firm, Suzanne Chaudry's lifetime of experience has served her well toward fulfilling a new corporate executive management calling.

Respected Project Coordinator at UBS, in Sales Development, she organized company meetings for their top tier sales teams and upper management. She reported to the Managing Director directly and was responsible for negotiating with outside vendors. Both at UBS and Medco Health Solutions, she was heavily entrenched in organizing large projects, functioning as liason between upper management and department heads, ensuring lines of communication were smoothly run.

She also served as Executive Assistant for Senior Partner at New Jersey Law Firm and provided full-scope executive support to managing directors at Gilbert Global Equity Capital,

Suzanne has also confidently proven herself as a creative person, as professional voice-over artist, adept at selling products, stories, characters on a daily basis with her distinctive voice and delivery, seeking to parlay this outstanding talent, coupled with her prior corporate experience to exhibit her finesse in a leadership role. She further studied in two disciplines of Acting, Meisner and Method, both of which require commitment and extreme discipline. “Without discipline, there is no imagination.”

Suzanne Chaudhury sets the standard for the creative, business-minded professional, passionate about effective communication. Professional standards of excellence are her hallmark and there are no limits to her talents and potential.

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