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Porsha Trenelle Grant

Porsha Trenelle Grant was born in East Saint Louis, IL on August 21, 1976 to Terrie L. Aziz and Steven Betts. She is married to Donovan Grant. They have one daughter, India Grant and three stepchildren: Donovan Jr., Gregory and Steven.

She is grateful for all her life experiences. East Saint Louis is a small city and slower-paced, but with many of the big city problems. The city lacked needed funding for city upkeep, with high dropout and crime rate. Porsha, however, was fortunate enough to have a great mother, the breadwinner in her home, who ensured that Porsha and her brother had the essential life necessities. Through her mother's example Porsha realized that getting out and working, maintaining a job was a must and NEVER an option.

Porsha quickly learned however that applying for jobs was easy . . . getting the job was the hard part. She wanted to attend college right after high school, but her mom did not feel financially able to support Porsha's dream. So, she ventured off to the next best thing – enlisting in the military.

At age 17, Porsha trained in boot camp at Orlando, Florida, 1994. She then transitioned to Signalman “A,” school. After graduation, stationed onboard the USS Yellowstone in Norfolk, Va, she experienced actual Navy life firsthand, with the fleet onboard ship.

After two years, when the Yellowstone was decommissioned, her orders were issued for the USS Mount Whitney LCC-20. Porsha was excited because she learned considerably more onboard the Mount Whitney and had many self-assessments as to her long-term goals. During her tour, Porsha decided she wanted to do something different and become an “RM,” the closest that she could get to computers, with her limited exposure throughout the ship.

Shortly after submitting her paperwork, Porsha became pregnant and had to leave ship to fulfill her pregnancy tour. Her conversion was approved and she was accepted to RM “A” school, June 1999. The next day, after graduating, September 1999, her rate changed to “IT.” Porsha then received her first set of orders to Joint Forces command in Norfolk, Va, where she received much of her tough Field Services labor experience.

As an IT Technician, she learned a great deal going out fixing computers and speaking with the customers. She was stationed there October 1999 through October 2003 and then received orders to the USS Wasp LHD-1, her first ship as an “IT.” Porsha learned how to support customers more through “IT” services, assigned as Work Center Supervisor, then PC Repair Leading Petty Officer. Through her position as PC Repair LPO, Porsha was rebuilding computers that were considered trash, and deploying them back out to customers for normal use.

Porsha served onboard the Wasp from October 2003 until Feburary 2007, when she received orders to Navy Marine Corps Intranet, Military Detachment, where she seamlessly integrated military and civilian “IT,” training, certifications, NOC requirements and trouble ticket completions. She was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, a very challenging and rewarding command.

From Feburary 2007 to June 2010, at NMCI she received orders to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, her first ship as Chief Petty Officer and Leading Chief Petty Officer. Onboard, Porsha learned the duties of Information Assurance Officer and leading a division. She also had the pleasure of leading Automated Data Process division, also very challenging and rewarding.

Today, currently stationed at COMNAVNETWARCOM, Porsha has come to know in a very short time that many interesting transitions are taking place and this is an ideal time to be stationed somewhere new, with many changes and much to learn.

Porsha eagerly awaits her newest journey.

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