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Patrizia Cohen

Patrizia Cohen is native Italian, highly motivated and versatile tourism consultant for Play Travel Agency and noted Italian teacher and translator with eleven years experience in translations of Italian to English and English to Italian.

As director with Play Travel, Ms. Cohen's guides overseas travelers through every step of travel planning, as their own personal consultant, dedicated exclusively to each client. She also specializes in providing personalized insight and information of cultural interest for those travelers desiring to enhance and upgrade their travel experience.

Italian Teacher at the Berlitz School in New York from 2001 to present and Private Teacher at the Institute Don Bosco, Turin, Italy, Ms. Cohen has taught Italian language and culture to teen and adult students, incorporating new texts into the standard curriculum. She also tutored students seeking additional guidance, through individualized attention and helpful student conferences and welcomes every opportunity to coach extracurricular activities.

Ms. Cohen also provides a high quality, freelance translation service to clients, "Traduzioni Quotidiane" (Everyday Translations). She further converts documents and articles from English into Italian and vice versa, ensuring that the finished converted articles relay the intended message as clearly as possible. Astutely reviewing and proofreading mother-tongue text and exhibiting excellent English speaking and writing skills.

From 1980 through 1999, she was a Family Business Partner in Cohen s.a.s, based in Turin, Italy. Engaged in selling and buying antique rugs and artistic objects.

She earned her B.A. In Philosophy in 1980 from State Univeristy, Turin, Italy and Associate Degree, Management Information Systems, in 2004 from Globe Institute of Technology, New York.

Her certifications: CEDILS, Certification for teaching Italian to foreign students and CTP, Certified Translation Professional

Ms. Cohen's varied interests include Speech and Debate, Theater and Art. She has natural rapport with coworkers and students and is always flexible and ready for new experiences. Her multicultural sensitivity and awareness allows her to build positive relationships with students and colleagues.

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