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Norma Majano

Norma Majano possesses over 20 years experience as Spanish Interpreter for Orange County and L.A. County Courts. Within the last ten years, Ms. Majano has gained reputation as one of the most successful Spanish Mediators in the area, with an eighty percent success rate and positive resolution of civil and limited civil matters, as well as real estate and personal injury cases.

Her success and dedication is reflected in her ongoing commitment to the community, working with various organizations in Orange County as a volunteer community mediator, sponsorship mentor and family advocate. Ms. Majano charms with a delightful, motivating, diverse personality which innovates and energizes people to work together toward a more effective and beneficial resolution. Through her outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, she has demonstrated adaptability and proven expertise in working well with people from all paths of life and cultural backgrounds. Her broad spectrum of business acumen, human resources facility, geopolitical activities, individual growth, and personal development have contributed to her enviable success today.

As Orange County Superior Court, Court Appointed Bilingual Mediator, she helped settle cases encompassing civil and family matters and business contract disputes.

Ms. Majano is experienced at the appellate level, Member of the Panel of Mediators of the Los Angeles County court system and seated on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Mediation Association

All Legal Interpreting Services are provided throughout tri-counties, where she has worked closely with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization in cases including deportations and detentions and carefully develops exit and transitional strategies for detainees of the Department.

The Orange County Probation Department has relied upon Ms. Majano to develop and implement tools and procedures for the juvenile court system and programs for family integration. As a vital team member, she spearheaded the tattoo removal program for minors and served as Mentor and Liaison for incarcerated minors and their families.

While Apex Environmental Consulting Firm, Inc.'s Business Manager, her Human Resource duties included liaison to Worker's Union for project management and day laborers. She further managed multi-million dollar projects by strategically budgeting and allocating finances, systems analysis and projections to meet corporate program needs.

She studied law at Western University School of Law, Fullerton, CA and earned her BS degree in Criminal Justice, with minor in Psychology at Cal State University, Fullerton.

Ms. Majano also served as an alternate for the 2010 Orange County Grand Jury.

Affiliations include: Orange County Probation Department; Board of Directors, Southern California Mediation Association; Mediators Without Borders; Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; Orange County Human Relations; Legal Aid Society of Orange and Conflict Resolution Advocate for Boys & Girls Clubs of South Orange County.

She is bilingual, Spanish/English, well travelled, a seasoned runner and well adjusted and comfortable in various cultural settings.

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