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Mohamad Nasir

In the Islamic Investment world of opportunity, Mohamad Nasir, accomplished SME executive business developer and sales leader, brings strong background in the four areas vital to the success of Islamic Finance, incorporated in the F.I.L.M dynamic: Finance: Exemplified in current position in Investment company, Allied Investment Advisors. Previous work with Chicago IVF & NTC on investments, projections, company viability and company strengths. Islamic: Active leadership dominant within the Islamic Business and Investment environment. Leadership exemplified through every position held throughout every avenue of his diverse and celebrated career. Market: An astute leader and advisor in developing high level strategies for market penetration.

Holding an MBA and an engineering degree, Mohamad offers effective combined sales, strategic planning, and marketing expertise that build sustainable corporate value and profitable alliances with SMEs. He is adept at identifying opportunities with SMEs, capturing new markets, sales forecasting, budgeting specifics and increasing profits, and providing strategic direction within competitive new channels.

Mohamad has proven himself an astute leader and advisor in developing high level strategies for market penetration, sales, earnings growth, and client growth and retention -- strategies with SMEs that deliver multimillion-dollar sales results.

Currently, General Manager for Allied Asset Advisors, he has driven increases of investment assets, implementing Internet marketing programs, and enhancing advertising collateral. Along with full responsibility for daily operations of this investment advisory company, key functions include marketing $40M fund with availability of over $300M funding, investor relations, compliance regulation, and third party audits on service providers.

As President of Aspire Business Innovation, coaching and consulting for senior executives, he counseled startup and growing international companies on expanding into U.S. and International markets, and coached business owners in business plans, product development, marketing, business processes, key performance indicators, performance review, HR policies, social media, and other business needs.

Through impressive hands-on involvement in International marketing and business creation, Mohamad developed sales and marketing program for a China-based scooter and motorcycle company, achieving sales in first year of $950K and second year of $2M.

As Sales & Marketing Director for CHICAGO IVF medical practice, he was charged with leading development of entire Sales and Marketing Department, establishing marketing plan, receiving budget approval, and overseeing strategic technology planning and purchases.

For NTC, import/export Distribution Company, as President, Mohamad identified markets/products/services, managed Sales Representatives and independent contractors, led pricing negotiations with suppliers, and managed industry trade shows.

Throughout his every successful career endeavor, Mohamad Nasir is recognized as a natural leader and business development specialist -- always in demand and moving forward with latest financial advances and opportunities.

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