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Maylen Santos

Maylen Santos, originally from the Dominican Republic, has always believed in strong personal values and that loyalty and respect are the core of a good person. She is very patient, outgoing, driven and a true fighter, important qualities required of a State Farm agent. Maylen prides herself and is often recognized for her ability to remain humane, professional and friendly at all times, while listening and finding solutions for customers' needs. These are the keys to Maylen's drive and sucess.

The youngest of 7 (3 brothers and 3 sisters), Maylen was raised with high values and morals. Her mother was a nurse and a housewife and her father a businessman, a college professor, a politician, a poet, writer and humanitarian, focused on the needs of kids and adults. Family unity was most important, along with respect for life and love for one another.

Maylen came to the US when she was 10 years-old, full of dreams and ambitions; but she had to adjust from upper-class Dominican Republic status to working class family, struggling to survive. She lived with her mother and older sister and brother and her mother worked very hard to support Maylen and provide for her education. Maylen would have to walk to school and take buses and trains, whereas growing up, she was in private school with a driver and servants. Her mother did not work in the Dominican Republic, but in the US it was a day-to-day struggle to stay afloat.

Maylen was always an A student until she took ill and was home schooled by her father in 2nd through 4th grades. She attended school from 7th grade until college in the US and graduated from Morris High School, Bronx, NY. In college she studied journalism, then switched her major to Business Administration, earning her BA degree from Devry University in 2006.

She has a son, now 12 yrs old. Her family has always been Maylen's top priority.

Maylen played saxophone and piano when she was younger. She loves reading, writing, listening to music and spending time with her family.

In late 2004, Maylen moved to Orlando, FL, seeking new opportunities for financial growth and improved lifestyle. She and her boyfriend ran a successful small auto parts business until they moved back to New York and sold the business.

Maylen has learned to have an open mind for new ideas and to take personal and professional risks in her life. In the workplace, she is able to adjust to different environments within a short period of time, including the hour's-long commutes and travel required of her work.

"Dealing with customers and clients is very difficult sometimes, because there is always a different scenario to contend with. To run any business successfully and meet your goals, it's so important to find balance between work and family, making quality time and remaining financially stable and assuring that my son and I have a quality future."

A performance-driven, insightful sales banker with a proven ability to achieve and exceed in all business development and revenue-generation goals in high-pressure environments, Maylen is further skilled at consulting with clients, analyzing financial situations and developing strategic solutions that strengthen their investment objectives.

Maylen's relationship-development expertise complements her ability to build a solid client base and drive revenue growth. She also possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in leveraging numerous banking and merchant products.

Her bilingual (English/Spanish) fluency helps to drive expansion of her client base to include Spanish-speaking only clientele. Combined with expert knowledge of office procedures, customer service, professional teller operations and Management, guided by proven leadership and team-building skills, combined with strong ability to direct strong teams in managing customer relationships and providing bank services.

Currently, Maylen is Personal Banker for Bank of America, N.A., where she implements sales strategies and tactics to meet and exceed business objectives, maintaining 100 percent or better of production market goals. Selling deposit products to customers, building new relationships and providing referrals to other banking areas while resolving account-related issues and responding to customer inquiries.

Recognized for ranking two quarters consistently in the top five percent performer sellers in the Northern NYC Region Market.

Previously, as Merchant Sales Specialist, Bank of America, Merchant Services, she utilized her vast knowledge of merchant and bank products and services combined with outstanding sales experience, business development and negotiating skills. A consummate multi-tasker, flexible in ever-changing payment processing environment with effective planning and organizational skills.

Maylen's keen eye is always focused on developing a strong pipeline for new revenue growth while maintaining relationships with existing accounts and banking centers to identify and solicit new revenue growth opportunities to support Small Business goals. Her first quarter, achieved 230 percent of business revenue goal, set at $5 million in assets.

From 2008-2111, Small Business Specialist, Bank of America N.A., wherein she managed portfolio of banking center small business customers, identifying and addressing cross-selling opportunities, delivering professional sales advice, deepening customer relationships and matching appropriate solutions through in-store and outbound sales activities. Maylen received certificates for ranking five quarters consistently in the top performing sellers in the Northern NYC Region Market.

As Supervisor for Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, 2004-2005, Maylen directed and coordinated sales of manufactured items, including delivery of merchandise, supervised and trained staff, and coordinated daily operations plans for interdepartmental staff. She was commended for high-volume, fast-paced, team-oriented attitude, contributing to improved efficiency and reaching 100% accuracy in order tracking and processing.

Prior in the mid 2000s, she was sales professional for Nationwide Insurance, Washington Mutual and Banco Popular, US.

She received Certificate for completed Signature Program for professional and self development growth as well as certificates for ranking consistently in the top five percent performer sellers and consistently maintained 100 percent or better of established production in Northern NYC region market goals.

Maylen graduated DeVry University, Long Island, NY, with degree in Business Administration.

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