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Jwantana Frink

Jwantana Frink, from Fort Sill, Oklahoma grew up in Brunswick County and graduated South Brunswick High, with Business Administration degree.

A dedicated Customer Service professional, she is passionate about helping people and assisting them in improving their lives. Her expert skills in communicating with the public and resolving any issues that arise make her the consummate Customer Service representative and Social Services specialist, managing front desk and complex child support matters for Brunswick County Social Services.

She has owned and managed several restaurants, hands on with hiring, scheduling, food orders, front and back house management.

Intimately involved in her community, Jwantana served as elected past Board of Alderman for the city of Southport and Board of Trustees at Brunswick Community College and Board of Directors for NCCLT, Fort Johnston Committee Member.

She was a Realtor with Margaret Rudd & Associates., Inc. for 8 years and currently she and her husband co-own a family construction and maintenance company. They have one daughter and granddaughter.

Her philosophy on handling life's inevitable challenges is a simple yet effective one: "In life you will have obstacles -- Stay focused. That is the key."

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