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Julia Elliott

Julia Elliott is an enterprising, dynamic Real Estate professional, boasting record breaking performance, driving new business development, with unbeatable, winning sales record.

Bright and highly personable, Julia has always been a genuine "people person," sincerely connecting with every sort of client. She thrives, undaunted in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, overcoming every challenge, winning client trust and confidence in the process.

Starting her career with Ameritrade’s INVESTools, she quickly skyrocketed to number one sales person and Million Dollar Club recipient in the enviable top five percent, consistently outperforming her peers.

Embracing Motherhood, she left the corporate world to run a company alongside her husband, as Co-Owner of R &J Wealth Assets, St. George, UT, where they purchased residential homes and managed contractors, remodeling homes for maximized profits. Highest quality customer satisfaction, bar none! Utilizing her expertise in market research and devising effective sales strategies, service standards are exceeded, with profitability through the roof. In a ravenously competitive market, Julia Elliott scales to the pinnacle of the highest peak.

Her Business Management Degree has served her well as she has used it to achieve great success in all her business ventures.

Julia Elliott's charmed gift for communication and instantly connecting to people is the key to her ongoing professional longevity. With her distinctive eye for interior design and staging, she successfully incorporates her varied design skills to assist clients with selling their homes.

The real estate agent of choice for the discerning buyer and seller, she embraces client needs with unprecedented customer care. She treats your home like her home, with loving attention to every detail, until the moment it's sold, with impeccable follow up.

Such skill and real property know-how is her exclusive domain. Clients are sold on the solid, trusted seller, Julia Elliott!

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