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Joe Iorio

Joe Iorio is a proven leader and successful in representing members through countless first and second step grievances, involving contractual issues and disciplinary cases, ranging from work rule violations to terminations.

He has tirelessly organized leafleting campaigns for the local, participated in and helped organize bus trips to major rallies, worked on political campaigns vital to the union and its membership and participated in phone banks and labor walks.

Joe truly understands the importance of educating our members and listening to all membership. A diligent and dedicated worker, with proven leadership skills. He knows firsthand what it means to be a hands-on representative of the members. His gift is knowing how to effectively utilize people and their skills. A strong leader like no other, a fierce fighter, great talker and motivator.

Hired in 1997 by Nynex, Joe was Steward from 1998-2008 and Chief Steward since 2008. Successful picket captain for the strikes of 1998, 2000 and 2011. As chief steward at Ave H, Joe Iorio led one of the most aggressive and successful picket lines. In 2000 and 2009 he was awarded the distinguished stewards award.

A devoted advocate for safety, he sits on the Tier 2 safety committee, the political committee, finance and organizing committees.

He won the team leader award for Breast Cancer fund raiser 2008 and was overwhelmingly appointed team captain for Members Make a Difference, ranked 17 in NYC for breast cancer fundraiser.

Asked to be an organizer for CWA 1109, he enthusiastically accepted the role.

Joe attended National Labor College and received certificate in organizing in 2011 and Certificate in Labor Studies from Cornell University. He helped organize Cablevision and was awarded the Recognition award for organizing Cablevision in 2012. Also lead organizer for two successful campaigns for Falcon Data Command Vision Pro.

Joe's diversity is exemplified in his work in all areas of the field. He has hired as a CXM splicer, worked in maintenance, T1, pro act, installation and repair copper/fios and line. He took permanent and temp transfers to gain knowledge and have a better understanding of what members deal with on a daily basis while performing their job functions.

Joe Iorio knows his business and the unions inside and out. Without exeption, he is the leader we need now.

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