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A`isha Harris

A`isha Harris, BA, is a Medical Billing Expert with 10 years' billing experience. She is currently Director of Patient Accounts for VMT Home Health Agency. A`isha began working with VMT in 2001 as Program Coordinator with their Education Center. From her first day of employment, A`isha has been promoted and requested to work in various departments within the Agency.

Through her diligent work and effort, A'isha has steadily advanced from Program Coordinator to Director Of Billing and now overseeing her own department within VMT. This is certainly a reflection of the respect and appreciation of her fellow employees and everyone with whom she works.

A`isha brings a positive and energetic work approach and a blend of talents in the areas of billing, cash posting, workflow management, scheduling, reimbursements, refunds, collections, payroll, insurance billing, patient account management, personnel management, team building, customer service, and client relations.

She is also an active member in her community, giving back to women. As founder of women's motivational group, The Black Diamond Dolls, through her efforts, she is helping women who have experienced various struggles and challenges in their lives to become motivated and inspired, enabling them to achieve their greatness and fullest potential.

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