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Jim Field

Born in Minneapolis Minnesota, Jim Field, the consummate, diligent sales professional, sold dictionaries door to door to pay his way through college. He also was top Prudential life insurance salesman. Just out of college in his first year in business, he won Rookie of the year, as the leading agent for 650 estate planners with Prudential in 6 Midwest states.

A former professional skier as well, Jim moved to San Diego in 1980 and has been in Real Estate ever since.

Jim studied at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Political Science with emphasis on Law.

He won the Centurion award 26 years straight, with Century 21 Award system placing him in top 1-2% nationwide, and he was #1 Selling Agent in UTC/La Jolla office for 20 of those 26 years, with 1300 professionally closed escrows.

Strongly driven by his Midwest work ethics and qualities of hard work, honesty, and common sense, he is, without a doubt, the hardest working salesperson in his office, spending at least 3 hours a day looking for buyers and listings.

ďFor the past 13 years Iíve hired business manager and coach to top 4000 agents in the U.S. I am blessed with a hardworking team who supports me and enables high production: Diane Hoyt, Transaction Manager, brings her diligent and illustrious previous 20+ years of customer service in the airline industry. Dora Wang, Listing Coordinator, fluent in Cantonese, was a practicing physician before immigrating to the US. Julie Giesen, Support Staff, Technology and Hiring. Marilu Cunningham, my Buyer Agent, from Guadalajara."

A great team keeps everyone on top! Plus maneuvering the slippery slopes and peaks every day. His skiing skills still serving Jim Field well!

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