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Javier Cafaro

Javier Cafaro, the award-winning production professional, is skilled in all phases of video, film and television production management, with full command of diverse state-of-the art tech.

Buenos Aires, Argentina born and raised, Javier is bounding with natural charisma and strong leadership control. He is that natural magnet that draws people toward his warm, classy manner as he puts everyone at ease with sincere, engaging hospitality.

As young as 14, the bright lights found him, and Javier eagerly startedc out as production assistant, helping with lighting and cables at broadcasting stations in Buenos Aires. Fascinated with the behind-the-scenes network dynamic, he quickly excelled in all phases of television production, while dreaming of becoming a filmmaker and director. Javier's high school teachers recognized his many artistic talents and provided him vigorous encouragement in his pursuits.

After earning his B.A. In graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires, he wasted no time, landing a prime position as Art Director for multi-million dollar Glue manufacturing giant, Loctite, designing magnificent catalogs and brochures. But he wasn't about to get stuck in the glue biz!

Only the U.S. could answer Javier's true calling, and his career in filmmaking and photography took off supremely after relocating to New York and accepting the position of producer/photographer with Union Carbide Corp. There he created and managed his unique brand of video and photography.

Javier's diverse education continued at New York University, covering all aspects of Film, Video and Broadcasting.

Throughout the 1990s to early 2000s, Javier was recognized as Freelance Filmmaker and Videographer, Owner/Producer/Director of Mediavision Productions, based in New York. He provided outstanding variety of video and television production services for diversified clientele, including CNN, NBC and ABC affiliates, MediaOne and many other major corporations.

As TV Production Teacher for the Board of Cooperative Education Services in New York, Javier offered instruction classes and workshops incorporating production techniques for 30-second commercials, covering every facet of production.

After many years serving the New York area and loving all its cosmopolitan offerings, Javier's services were sought in Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he embarked on new excitement and adventures in the visual and production arts. His distinguished client list covers Photography and Film and Video Production at its highest level.

His numerous awards include the Gilbert Award, raising money for 52 disability-focused associations, the New York State Telethon Award for production of Tarrytown’s, New York United Way’s 3rd Annual Telethon and the Telly Award for Tito Puente National Meningitis Association Public Service Announcement as well as the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International Creative Excellence Award in Wedding Highlight Production.

Javier's essential advice for success – “Always consider the advice of others, keep your cool, listen to your clients and stay current with latest trends and technologies.”

Unmistakably, Javier Cafaro is continually advancing ever upward in the Video, Film and Photography Universe. He joyously follows every endless opportunity wherever it may lead. His unmistakable magic touches the very heart of Film, Photography and Video!

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