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Esmond Rubinov

Esmond Rubinov was Born in Brooklyn, New York to Russian immigrant parents. At age 5, he began studying piano under Iza Gleizrov, a classically trained professor of the Moscow Conservatory. He later went to the acclaimed Poly Prep Country Day School for junior high and high school.

He graduated NYU with a BA in Architecture and Urban Design. Although he enjoyed studying architecture very much, he still followed the pre-med tract in hopes of reaching the goal of becoming a medical professional.

After taking some time off to travel and determine his future plans, spending several years living in Miami and studying abroad in London and the Caribbean, Esmond started AUA Medical school in Antigua.

Two years into medical school, he started writing his first musical work on the piano and instantly became hooked. His last years of medical school, Esmond was torn between finishing and following through with becoming a doctor or venturing out and pursuing his bold, new dream of becoming a professional musician.

After graduating and receiving his MD degree, Esmond decided to fully concentrate on his musical career. Since then, he's been writing romantic, classical piano-based compositions on a full time basis and recently teamed up with world-renowned opera tenor, Yevgeniy Shapovalov for several performances.

In late 2012, Esmond released his first classical album on I-Tunes, "The Beginning". He is also currently launching his own production company and is in negotiations to write theme songs and soundtracks for several motion pictures.

In the past year, he has switched his focus to concentrate on becoming a pop artist. Having collaborated with a true dream team, Esmond is writing, producing, singing and performing pop music, with the official launch of his single, "NEVER SAYING SORRY" debuting within the next few weeks.

Live performances and collaborations with DJ's and other artists are currently being planned as well, with an anticipated stage debut in June. Busy Esmond has also been working on his modeling career and is in talks to become the face of the Fall 2013 campaign for a well known, high-end urban street wear line.

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