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Abraham Gevorgian Painting
Presented to White House

I am Abraham Gevorgian, Los Angeles resident, born and raised in Iran, a family of nine, including four sisters and two brothers. In 1959, I arrived in the United States, as a foreign student and was excited for the newfound freedom of America. At Cal Poly I earned my Bachleors Degree, then briefly returned to Iran, met my lovely wife Mania and moved permanently to the U.S.

Art has been a natural Interest and talent since age 10. Early on, I took private lessons and later had the opportunity to take art classes in the U.S. My paintings were popular and there were several art exhibitions throughout Los Angeles.

Earlier in my career, I was involved in the building and creation of houses and construction. Building residential developments. Inventions, designs and patents have also held interest, but today my total passion is painting. After retirement, I earned a Masters degree in Art from Cal State Los Angeles and happily pursued painting full time, which I love so much.

Recently, my oil painting, Celebration of Unity and Freedom, was sent to the Obama White House to grace their distinguished painting collections. My unique creation, the Hybrid American Flag In place of stars, magnificent miniatures of state flags, vertically aligned, in chronological order of statehood admittance. 50 states together, united, signifying the awesome strength and beauty of the U.S. With a rugged, enduring, almost burlap, military uniform intensity and quality. The flag posts bedecked with flowing, wind-whipped, ribbons of celebration. Airborne, flying free. Rounded wood, flag suspended and buoyed by airplane pulling the flag, waving and enduring with pride.

In 2007, I created the original 52 x60 inch, oil on canvas. A heartfelt labor of love which came to life over 10 months. Initially, I sent a beautiful digital reproduction to President Obama. Stretched canvas, 18 x 24. framed wood. Shortly thereafter, President Obama and First Lady Michelle sent an official letter of thanks, acknowledging the incredible flag painting. A few months later, I decided the original might be best suited for the White House, to represent the flag and this great country and I shipped through UPS direct to the White House. I am so pleased and honored that the Obamas again expressed gratitude and accepted the Hybrid Flag painting into America's home.

It is my further goal to utilize the hybrid flag painting as an educational tool in schools.

Also a source of great pride, my wife, our two successful sons, land developer and doctor, five grandkids, and wonderful daughters-in-law.

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