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EntertainerBios is the premier writing service on the Internet devoted exclusively to writing short bios for entertainers of all sorts and the entertainment profession and industry.

e write entertainer bios / entertainer biographies / entertainer profiles short bios for actors, comics and other performing artists, and for the entertainment industry.image of star entertainer in the spotlight Our short entertainer bios are for anyone in the entertainment field, including actors, actresses, comics, dancers, singers, and other entertainers, as well as producers, directors, agents, managers and others in the fields of motion pictures, television, theatre, and so on.

Our team of biographers in the EntertainerBios division of ShortBios know the entertainment world and the particular needs of the entertainer.

Why Actors and Others in the Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry Need Short Bios/Profiles for their Career

he short bio is the one promotional tool that, more than any other, reveals who the actor (or comic or dancer or director or other entertainer or worker in the entertainment field)image of star entertainer in the spotlight truly is. The short bio contains precisely what the entertainer wishes to reveal about his experience and his personality. It is the short, compact way to highlight the accomplishments of the actor and performer and entertainment creator. An invaluable resource, it fits into any kind of publicity package, webpage, blog, Facebook entry, and so on. The people who read your bio may well be your next audience member or director.

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How Our Team Writes
the Actor/Entertainer/Producer Bio

he writers at EntertainerBios collect the information about your background, experience, accomplishments, personality, and life story to compile a written picture of who you are as both the actor/entertainer/producer and person.image of star entertainer in the spotlight Your short bio shows you as a competent entertainer worthy of readers' attention, making you look good even if your experience is limited. From your short bio, the reader may learn what makes you tick and how you came to be the actor/entertainer/producer that you are today, and it will place you in the dazzling spotlight you have earned. (Our clients delight in the the results; see some of our customer endorsements.)

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Tailor-Made Just For You!

he bios created at EntertainerBios are never canned, never generic. All are custom-made for you, the particular performing artist/producer that is the subject of the short bio. It uniquely captures the personality and dynamism that is uniquely you and only you. It will never sound like any other biography or profile. It will be your signature, a shining representation of your accomplishments as actor/entertainer/producer.

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Sample Bios We've Written for Entertainers and Entertainment Providers

ur Gallery of Short Bios includes some of the bios we've written for people in numerous different professions, including entertainment. Here are links to a few of those bios:

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  Ray Arnett
  Julius Caba
  Rachel Weitner
  Karimah Westbrook

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e write the short bio or profile — a.k.a. work bio, business bio, personal profile — brief biographies for your business or personal use, for marketing, promoting, or just communicating with friends and family, or for applying for a new job; for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites as well as for your own websites, About pages, introductions, employee documentation, etc.








he Short Bios we write are for people in just about every imaginable profession and avocation, including realtors, musicians, entertainers, actors, celebrities, producers, artists, photographers, authors, professors, teachers and educators, scholars, scientists, IT techs, politicians and political figures, athletes and sports figures, lawyers, doctors, nurses, medical specialists and healthcare professionals, clergy and religious figures, soldiers, officers and military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines), security, police, agents, sales reps, secretaries, speakers, managers, board of directors, CEOs, presidents — professionals and entrepreneurs of every sort — as well as just ordinary folks like us writers here at ShortBios.








e also edit and update pre-existing bios and profiles as well as write or edit books, scripts, screenplays, articles, press releases, and other material, short or long. We also offer do-it-yourself bio templates.



     We're not only short bio (and long biography) editors!

     Over the years, we've also acquired a staff that can edit, write, research, critique, market, transcribe, or translate almost any kind of writing, from articles, ebooks, and speeches to books, novels, screenplays, and technical manuals.

     In short, if you need writing or editing, we can do it!  (details).  Also check out our Studionotes Screenwriting Critique.