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Kerry Kochiss

Kerry David Kochiss has been a self employed artist for over 30 years. Painting pinstripes on cars led to airbrushing portraits which eventually led to painting portraits in oil on canvas.

These days his love of painting is poured into abstracts. "What could be more fun than to take my paintbrush and play at the intersection of art and imagination?" says Kerry.

Another of Kerry's passions is photography. Aside from the enjoyment of photography, Kerry uses photography as a fixture in nearly every part of his artistic endeavors. From establishing reference shots all the way to documenting the finished project, his camera plays an ever-present role.

His award-winning Electric Rust collection, for example, is a photographic series that merges abstract art into abstract-like photography. The collection is based on his original Rust series, comprising photographs of rusting portions of a fire-damaged SUV, photographed using a Nikon with a 105mm 2.8 micro lens.

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