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Roseli brings to New York City her love and talent for photography and travel via a long and global trek. Originally from Curitiba in the South of Brazil, Roseli has lived in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland before arriving in the Big Apple.

Roseli has been a freelance photographer since 2008 while traveling around the world. Although she received a B.A. degree in psychology, her understanding of photography and of the sites and people she photographs comes out of an innate photographic sense as well as her experiences and education. She has also taken photography classes at the International Center of Photography and continues to learn new photographic techniques.

She also understands the languages of people. She knows French and Italian (still learning) as well as Spanish and English.

In addition to a love of painting and sculpture, she is passionate about museums, books, music and opera.

And Roseli is a yoga instructor.

She also loves animals. Roseli is an animal rescuer and protector. Wherever she sees animals in need, she cannot help but look after them. “Eversince I was a little girl,” she says, “while kids were playing with dolls, I was helping the cats and dogs from the streets.”

Roseli wants to keep traveling and photographing communities. She envisions selling her photos and giving much of the profit towards the betterment of the particular country or community she is photographing.

Roseli wants to help communities through her photography.

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