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Chris Starcher

Iím Chris Starcher, originally from Fairmont, WV, now residing here in Morgantown. My vision is to captivate the world with innovative visual expression. After several years of shooting photographs, I started Modern Dynamix Photography in 2013, to further that vision.

My interest in photography began when I found out I was going to have a child. The passion I felt to take the best pictures of her, I take with me in every shoot. I photograph weddings and shoot promotional material for artists and bands. I also do landscapes and portraiture.

Photographing weddings and bands gives me such joy especially because of all the amazing people I meet and often develop extraordinary friendships with. My focus is always on helping the people I shoot feel comfortable in front of the camera. I think my cool and easygoing nature relaxes my subjects. I also love checking out people's reactions when I'm done editing and they get to see and get involved in their pictures for the first time.

I relish the new experiences that each job presents to me. The further I delve into and explore all aspects of the latest photographic technology, the more I learn and accomplish. My training, both formal and informal, is ongoing, but the real education is in the doing. And Iím delighted by the recognition my work has received, for instance having pictures and interviews featured in such magazines as Total Ink. (I also cover the WV/PA area for both Total Ink and Hard and Heavy magazines.) And Iím pleased to be able to help support worthy causes, for instance producing a full year calendar with my photos for a local charity.

Iíve always been into art and music. When I was in a touring band in younger days, I always looked forward to their promo shots. I marveled at how the lighting was achieved and how it all came together. Today, I welcome the challenge of making people's ideas for their pictures come to life, truly bringing into the world a brand new, unique visual expression.

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