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Ray Arnett

Ray Arnett is a producer, choreographer, and stage director, most closely tied to renowned pianist and Vegas mainstay entertainer, Liberace, as his accomplished producer.

When Liberace played Radio City Music Hall, it was sweet music to Ray's ears, with his name in lights and billing above the marquee, Produced by Ray Arnett, as he had been denied a spot with the Rockettes years earlier as professional dancer, deemed too short for the dance troupe.

Ray staged all of Liberace's shows and was fortunate enough to travel the country and the world while having one of the best seats in the house for one of the most famous shows of that, or any era.

By walking rigorously nearly every day, Ray has kept healthy over the years and always loved to take his "power walks". Above all else, he is a positive sole and genuine role model for all who are lucky enough to call him “friend.”

What is most admired about Ray is his upbeat attitude. He loves to tell it like it is and never finds critique and negativity in anything that he expresses, especially in the arts. He says, "What good does it do to knock the talent and critique the actors that work so hard to put on a show. You have to enjoy it for what it is." Ask any friend and they'll make it clear that Ray is undoubtedly of the most genuine people you'll ever meet, and a resounding privilege to call him a friend.

As Liberace's right hand go-to gentleman, Ray lived in first class style, privileged to be friend and associate of one of show business' hardest working and most talented individuals. Working over 36 weeks per year, it was a very busy and never boring lifestyle.

Liberace put rhinestones and sequins on the fashion map long before music icons like Elvis Presley adopted the glittery gowns and outfits as their own.

Ray considers it an honor and privilege to be so closely associated with his friend and employer Liberace. "It was an incredible life. A remarkable and nonstop creative talent, truly an honor working with Liberace."

It was all positve and upbeat staging such amazing shows for a true superstar!

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