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Wendy Worley

Wendy Worley, Owner and Title Agent, has worked in the Real Estate industry since the 1990s, and found her niche in the title side of real estate. In the early 2000s she went to work for one of the largest title companies in Alabama. Her marketing background and attention to every detail has taken her far.

The day Wendy's father referred a client to her, she considers by far the proudest moment of her career. "I felt at that moment I had approval and I realized that everyday, he continued to give me his blessing."

Her greatest cheerleader? Wendy's family. Opening this business has been one giant leap of faith for Wendy. Her patience, strict detail orientation and highly organized nature are some of the most useful personal qualities that benefit Wendy in her job. "I do firmly believe that the customer is always right." Wendy is one of the most dedicated workers you'll find, and support from her family has helped her achieve this goal.

"The attitude we all must have in my workplace -- 'Yes, we can do that!'"

Wendy's Number One rule for success: Always do what you say you're going to do. She is fully committed to continue growing and providing excellent service for many years to come. "Practice makes Perfect are my words to live by."

Wendy has been blessed with many mentors in her life. Starting with loving parents, who taught her early on the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Wendy was born in Chicago and grew up in Huntsville, AL. "My mom grew up a teenager in the heart of Chicago and my dad was raised on a cotton farm with 13 brothers and sisters. I appreciate the mix of cultures and values which both parents have instilled in me, and I continue to reap the rewards that two very distinct live views have bestowed upon me."

Wendy started out young in the real estate business, in her 20s. "It took some time for my community to see me as an adult figure, and now trusted and relied upon by so many.

She studied Business and Marketing at Faulkner University.

In the late 1990s, Wendy started out as a real estate assistant to the very best in the business -- Tommy Adams, Owner of Rise Real Estate. From that rich legacy of Real Estate mentorship, Wendy's long and illustrious career was born.

One prime key to Wendy's success -- She cares deeply about people and always places herself in the customer's shoes. "Everyone is different and you have to understand their particular situation."

Wendy opened Valley Title and Closing Services, LLC in 2007. "We are the number one Business recipient award winner for 2013. All our employees have over 20 years' experience in real estate closings. They are, without exception, the very best employees in the business."

Previously, she worked as Marketing Director of RELI, Inc., title and Closing Professionals.

In earlier years, she was Assistant to the Owner and Relocation Coordinator for Rise Real Estate in Huntsville, where she ably assisted in teaching at the Real Estate School and training over 200 new agents.

Right out of high school and during college, she was Assistant to the Marketing Director of Motorola, Inc., and acted as liaison between the Marketing Department and the President of the Corporation; In charge of Customer Relations, entertaining VIP clients (international distributors and buyers); and assisted in many trade shows such as COMDEX in Las Vegas, representing Motorola; assisted in Public Relations, announcing new product lines and worked with product engineers, graphic designers and sales reps to envision fresh ideas to market new products.

Wendy is past member of BNI (Business Network Int'l), one of the most successful business networks in the country. An active supporter and contributor as well, to many charities, including St. Jude Children's Hospital.

She attended Avery Yarbrough and Associates Real Estate School (ABC Institute) and is Sustaining Member, Junior League of Huntsville and served on the committee that brought in the 1st Mid-County Teen Shelter. The largest and most rewarding project of which she has been involved.

Wendy's multitude of Awards include: Number 1 in Business Award -- 2009 through 2013; Recognized in 2010 as Title and Closing Professional of the Year by Presidential Who's Who and Presidential Who's Who among Business and Professional Achievers 2008-2009.

She is an Affiliate Member -- Huntsville Area Association of Realtors and member of Alabama Land Title Association.

Actively involved in the community, Wendy is passionate to help others in need to achieve a better quality of life. "The most enjoyable facet of my current job is working with people in our community.

Wendy has been married to John Worley for 21 years and they have two boys, Rhett, upcoming junior at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and Ross, soon a sophomore at HSV High School. Her favorite leisure hobbies include traveling and boating.

For more information about Valley Title and Closing Services, please go to If you are considering buying, selling or refinancing, let Wendy or one of her staff assist you in your closing needs by calling 256-489-4124.

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