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Antonio Stewart aka Mojo Mayne

Antonio Stewart aka Mojo Mayne comes from a talented family of NFL players. In fact, after school his original goal was to break into the NFL . . . But goals change and life moves in new directions!

He grew up in an abusive family, raised in Augusta and Atlanta, GA. After high school, he moved to Iowa, away from his stepdad's hurtful behavior.

He has played with different bands, on many musical fronts. He caught the interest of Def Jam South, in Atlanta, and Octane Records (Phoenix, AZ). With the group Onetyme, they performed extensively in the Southwest regional area, including South Carolina, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, SC and Aiken, SC. Unfortunately, two of the band members got thrown in Mexican jails. When that happened, the band was finished. But sales from their CD were hot, and the talented and persistent Mojo sold over 5 thousand CDs from the trunk of the car!

Mojo pushed on and created a local TV program in Augusta, GA, “The Unsigned” ( He interviewed celebrities and other artists and had a nationwide distribution deal with PAX network, which became ION. But funding was too scarce to keep the production afloat, and the show soon lost its steam. That did not stop him from attracting major sponsors for the program and even integrating them into the show itself.

In Iowa, life soon brought Mojo back into music where he belongs and he recorded a mix album of original material called Street Voodoo, which was released under SIMM/Sony Red distribution and experienced moderate buzz.

Tragically, his sister was murdered in 2010 and his aunt passed away shortly after from medical complications.

Later, he released more songs with other artists, creating fresh buzz.

With a brand new year, 2013!, upon him and his many fans, Mojo is so excited that the single Got Dat Body is busting out, on the soon-to-be released Born To Do It album, dropping this March!

His musical influences are as diverse as his tastes in music, running a variety from rock, to country, rap, r&b, jazz, reggae and hip hop. An infusion of musical blends that breathe fresh life into one another

“I envision music soaring to the forefront of our lives, taking a backseat to all the violence, hate and negativity. Going to shows where musical transformation is everything. The grand center of attention and positive influence in everyone's lives throughout the entire planet. Every living being thrives when music absorbs into their lives. Miraculous things happen!”

“For me, my music has achieved greatest success when it grabs someone who has been down and lifts them up, transforms them to their highest level of excellence. It's all in what you envision for yourself. Open yourself to the greatness life presents and you shall receive it in incredible, unbelievable ways.”

“I'm not concerned with what everyone else is doing or how many people are listening to them, just as long as I grab that chance to be inspirational making my special sounds, telling my own story of hope, to life you high and keep you in the right place.”

“My goal in the industry reflects my life choices – that is to be the best man that I can be, with a helping hand toward humanity, and leave a hopeful legacy for my children to learn from and appreciate and carry on the good news to the next generations to come.”

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