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Nathaniel E. Bankirer

As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Education Envelope, Nate is immersed in all aspects of the company, focusing on strategic and operational responsibilities. He also ensures strong web presence, creating bold brand recognition, building partnerships in new markets, actively involved in the communities served.

An educator at heart with years of experience in the K-12 sector, Nate has developed curriculum, created professional development opportunities and mentored fellow teachers. He has run leadership programs for experiential educational outfits, focusing on skill building and self-development.

Nate's proven leadership, coaching and management experience continues to lead and further shape and evolve the organization. With an eye toward trends in the field, Nate encourages staff and volunteer development, promoting the highest standards of education.

He has earned a Masters in Instructional Leadership, and is currently pursuing an EdD in Educational Leadership and Change from Fielding University. Passionate and idealistic, Nate possesses the integrity and positive outlook that drives his mission to proven success.

He holds Michigan State Special Education Provisional Certificate, K-12, Language, Literature & Writing; Provisional Certificate, 6-12, as well as Colorado State Provisional Certificates in Special Education and English.

As Educator, Brawerman Elementary School, Los Angeles, California, he co-taught classes in a general education school setting for 5th & 6th grade students, planning, developing, and implementing 21st century curriculum, including student-centered, technology-based lessons.

Previously, between 2006 and 2011, he served as Special Education Teacher and co-teacher, Department Head, General Education and Student Teacher within the Colorado and Michigan School Systems, providing one-on-one and classroom educational instruction.

He has attended many educational conferences and workshops, including the National Middle School Association Annual Conference, October 2008, NMSA, Denver, Colorado, where he participated in workshops surrounding the issues of classroom management, reluctant students, and at-risk students.

Nathan has worked extensively as Outdoor Education Specialist, After-School Educator, stressing Jewish education and outdoor wilderness and survival education, implementing wilderness experiential curriculum for teens through adult education.

His earlier education experience includes Camp counselor, Director and Supervisor in Michigan and Colorado.

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