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Mira Mira

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."

Mira Mira is a highly talented lyricist, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Involved in music for about 3 years, she has recorded 2 mix tapes and played and performed at numerous venues in Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, California and New York. Recently, she stopped making secular music and started writing and developing Christian music. She found herself at a point in life where she wanted to stop running from God. "God gave me these gifts and talents and he was showing me that my purpose was to bring people to him and use my abilities as a Christian artist." So she writes her own music, always creating it totally real and universal.

Listening to and being inspired by true lyricists and those she felt were the best in HipHop, such as Lauren Hill, Eminem, and Jay-Z, Mira Mira learned to put music together, words, metaphors, and punch lines. Once she turned her life and music over to God, Miras Mira's been largely influenced by Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, and Lecrae.

"My goal is to be the first big female gospel Christian star and bring millions of people closer to Christ through the message in my music. I also want to increase my brand to span beyond music. Iíve always been interested in acting and the possibility of performing with a live band. Iím influenced by artists who set themselves apart from what everyone else is doing."

One of Mira Mira's standout qualities is her stage performance. "Iíve been told I demand the attention of an audience. I feel very comfortable on stage and now that Iím a Christian artist, the attention is not on me, itís on Christ. I have always had the ability to reach out to people. I have huge thoughts and bigger dreams. Iím very business minded and I always think and plan for months down the road, strategizing ways to do more and be better. Iím a hard worker, a listener, and Iím extremely competitive. I strive for excellence."

With her unique sound and delivery, musically, Miras Mira doesnít sound like anyone youíve heard before. "I have always written real music. I use metaphors and have punch lines that are fresh and intelligent. Iím unique in that God created me in his likeness but like no other on this earth. When I perform or go into ďMira Mira modeĒ I ensure that every intricate detail is sharpened. It's my own sound and look. I dress differently, rap different, think different, and perform different."

Mira Mira has two brandings: SheBEAST and GodísKid. SheBEAST is a trademarked company that Mira Mira's launching, and also her alias. The term BEAST doesnít mean animal, but is the urban term for being exceptional in all we do. "The brand is really a movement to motivate young girls and women to excel in whatever they choose. Be the best lawyer, doctor, artist, musician, athlete, etc. that you can be. "

"Growing up without a father, I could have been lost had it not been for God and some very strong women in my life such as my mother, grandmother, and aunts. Not every female is that fortunate to have that support. So SheBEAST is there for them. I like to teach girls that you donít have to dress oversexed or try and be these females you see on TV or hear on radio. In the future I would love to get celebrity support to help grow the company. SheBEAST is for all girls, regardless of their race."

GodísKid is a branding Mira Mira came up with while pursuing Christian music, for the child, like herself, who grew up without a parent. "Some people have no parents or terrible parents. They feel lost and sometimes invisible. They feel abandoned and unloved. My message is that we are all GodísKid, so no one in this world is an orphan."

Above all, Mira Mira is dedicated to service and doing all she can to survive and be consistently relevant in the game. She strives to be a role model to women, teens, and children across the world. She also wants to be a philanthropist, introducing programs to bring increased attention to Haitiís economic and social problems as well as bring adult literacy issues to the forefront in the United States. Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Oprah Winfrey especially inspire her, as devoted souls who never fell short of their dreams.

Mira Mira was born in Greensburg, PA, and raised in the household of a single mother who often worked 2 jobs and then went on to earn a college degree. With 6 brothers and two sisters, she was raised with her younger sister, brother, and older brother. Always very independent and a strong leader, Mira Mira excelled in sports and academics.

The ďlife of the party," she makes friends easily and loves for everyone to have a great time. After 17 years in Greensburg, she joined the United States Navy and served for almost 7 years and currently resides in Jacksonville, FL.

Mira Mira joined the military a few weeks after high school graduation and served as Hospital Corpsman from 2003-2010, where she was an E-5 and earned extensive military and medical training. She holds an Associateís degree in Allied Health Science and will graduate July 2013 with Bachelorís Degree in Nursing.

Her biggest challenge was being raised by a single mother who received no financial support from her father. "We didnít grow up with much, but we didnít know that we were missing out on anything. I realize now the sacrifices my mom made for us." Both of Mira Mira's parents were addicts, but her mom was a functioning addict who overcame her addictions to raise the kids and is now pursuing an education to help others overcome their addictions. Mira Mira's father was in and out of her life growing up, due to his addictions and incarcerations. He still deals with alcohol dependence. Statistically, Mira Mira wasnít supposed to be as successful as she's become, so she's definitely overcome every opposition set against her.

Mira Mira is currently managed by Jesse Perry and Shawn Lizzmore and is a member of ASCAP.

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