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Mayra Moreno

Mayra Moreno was born in Mexico and moved to the US around 1988. She has lived in Maryland ever since and knows the area well.

After Mayra graduated high school, her father was starting his own business in underground construction, working for prime contractors hired by the major tv and phone companies in the area.

"I basically learned everything on my own, running a business, handling the administrative end, and worked for my father for about five years." Mayra was hired by another underground construction company and has been with them for two years.

"I completed a CNA course, then changed paths and decided Real Estate was what I was passionate about and got my license. I am so excited to now be a licensed realtor. This is where my true heart is. I care deeply about my customers' needs, and always giving them top-quality service. You have to work hard, especially to break into the complex business of real estate and do everything in your power to make it happen. I look forward to advancing further in my career growth."

Strongly values-oriented, Mayra believes that one should always try to do what is right and just -- in business and in life. "When it feels right, and you know it's the right thing, then you should go out and do it. To live a peaceful life with no regrets. These are my goals."

Mayra's current plans include continuing her education in business and real estate.

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