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Louise Voltaire

The healing universe of preventive healthcare depends on Louise Voltaire. More than a dedicated RN with vast knowledge and experience within the Healthcare industry, she coordinates, supervises and manages operations and staffing needs of quality healthcare providers. There are very few with her commitment to caring, combined with high credentials and knowledge.

One of a kind and highly regarded, Louise was recently appointed vice president for exceptional nonprofit organization Haitian American Nursing Association and Allied (HANOA). Not one to boast, her enthusiasm is overwhelming:

“My goal is to educate the under-served minority and others in Palm Beach County regarding proper healthcare, providing short group sessions as well as bringing the health fair to the community, ensuring that they learn more about their well-being and preventive measures and overall healthy body maintenance, including the early signs and symptoms of the most prevalent and devastating diseases.”

The culmination of lifelong dedication, she tirelessly tends to the needs of hospitals and other healthcare providers within West Palm Beach Florida. This selfless commitment led her to found Blue Heaven Healthcare Services -- established in 2010, specializing in staffing hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities with the most qualified professional caregivers. More than a business or product of an industry, this positive approach is Louise's life dream. It is humane care at its most impeccable.

Currently, Louise provides compassionate End of Life care to veterans at the West Palm Beach VA Hospital. Unwavering in her commitment during this sensitive time in the lives of all those affected, Louise educates patients and family members on the process of transitioning through the final stages of life, providing emotional support and comfort measures and monitoring the most effective pain management techniques and services.

Formerly Case Manager for Vitas Innovative Hospice, Atlanta, GA, and Seniors Community Health Nurse for Miami Dade Health Department, Miami, FL, Louise continues to be widely recognized and praised for her devotion and loving commitment to those individuals requiring Hospice care.

“I worked as a med/surg nurse for four years in Miami, and whenever we had to call the VITAS nurses for a patient, I was always impressed by their service, as they worked closely with the patients’ family members – helping them through the challenges of terminal illness. I decided that that was what I wanted to do. It is my calling and let me assure you, it is satisfying and rewarding being the primary decision-maker and taking full responsibility regarding my patients’ care.”

Louise holds a Master of Nursing from University of Phoenix, Plantation, FL, and is fully certified BCLS, ACLS, Telemetry and IV Therapy. But through all her qualifications, it is Louise's heart which assures that all who come under her loving care are receiving the gift of a lifetime. Such dedication never rests.

Louise Voltaire is the true treasure of the Healthcare World!

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