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Joe Mercier

Joe Mercier, VP. Black Sky International is an accomplished specialist in Security Management, Military Missions, and Investigations. Most recently, he has served as Operations Officer with Six3 Intelligence Solutions, in the State Department Regional Security Office, Tactical Operation Center at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, supporting the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq (OSC-I) mission, monitoring and tracking air and ground movements. As Workflow Officer, JOC (Joint Operations Command), he conducted analysis of significant events throughout the Middle East and prepared briefings for 3-Star General.

For Triple Canopy, Tikrit, he served as Tactical Operations Center OIC (Officer in Charge) and Site Manager, Base Defense Operation Center Battle Captain, with Protection Strategies, Inc. (PSI). A Military Police Sergeant in the United States Army Reserve, Mr. Mercier later served as Law Enforcement Instructor at ‘Task Force Outlaw’, teaching various aspects of MP operations, Fort Bliss, TX, where he trained over 5,200 troops deploying throughout the Middle East. He was later with the California Army National Guard, 160th Infantry, Long Range Surveillance Detachment (Reconnaissance) followed by deployment in the United States Army for Operation Iraqi Freedom III as Personal Security Detail Operator, FOB Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq.

He holds extensive Security and Miitary Training and Department of Defense Certificates and is proudly decorated with Medals in the line of defense in the War on Terrorism, Iraq Campaign

A California native, Joe Mercier relocated to El Paso, Texas in 2009.

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