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Jeanette Sergio

Fitness and health training is my natural calling. I love the process of training my clients and getting them as fit and ready for life as possible.

I have always been into fitness since my earliest years growing up. Born in Washington DC, and raised in Waldorf MD, with my sister and 2 brothers, my father was into fitness and became a bodybuilder, often competing in shows and exhibitions. It didn't take long to know that I too loved to workout. I also enjoy skiing, water sports, boxing and running.

I graduated from La Plata high, married in 2001 and started my family. I have an 11 year-old son, Stephen, and 8 year-old daughter, Sophia. After having my children and deciding to be a stay-at-home mom, I found fitness to be extremely important in my life. I found it tough at first, finding the time for keeping fit. I knew that I had to find that balance between home -- being the mom -- and working out, getting the exercise I desperately needed.

I found my calling through working out and became obsessed with high-caliber fitness, devoting many happy hours working at the gym. I managed to experience that quality time, fitting in those spare hours when not devoted to my family. It has always been a great psychological boost for me.

In 2009 I decided to run the Ragnar 24-hour/171-mile relay race with my team to help less fortunate children living in Las Vegas. We placed very high in ranking. Competition and coming out ahead in sports is important, and those same values have a direct correlation when it comes to living our best life possible.

After my divorce, being a single parent, I decided to follow my heart and put myself through school. I studied many long hours to graduate from NPTI with a degree in personal training and nutrition -- and a 4.03 grade point average! Thanks to my amazing teacher Tim Hendriques, Personal Training is and always will be my true passion!

I started working for Golds Gym, where I discovered that training was definitely meant for me. Helping people to meet their goals and change their life has given me so much satisfaction. I love training at Golds and firmly believe that a balance of weight training and cardio with the right foods makes for a healthy and complete life.

Finally, I studied and become an Adventure BootCamp coach. My heart is into coaching women, helping them both physically and psychologically. I welcome the challenges it brings. Whether new to fitness or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, I encourage and support all to start or continue a healthy workout program and life style that promotes optimum health. I look forward to being your support system as well.

It is chiefly through exercise that I have overcome many challenges and gained the proper peace of mind that I needed to become a strong, fulfilled woman. I make sure that I instill this intense passion into every one of my clients and strive to always be supportive and there for them. We have to understand that living is an imperfect science. Life will give us twists and turns and we must be able to physically and psychologically handle what comes our way. Getting into the proper fitness groove goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

I am TRX Suspension Training, Kettle-bell and CPR certified and regularly attend CEU classes and IDEA fitness conferences. Proper fitness training is an ongoing process and it is essential for me to stay on top of the latest in fitness equipment, innovations and education.

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