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Ian Worden

Ian Worden has distinguished himself as an experienced thought leader in the design and development of healthcare products and services within the burgeoning healthcare industry. He is a skilled innovator of healthcare products and services across the continuum of care and highly accomplished in population-based consumer engagement strategies.

For over a decade Ian has designed and implemented site-based, telephonic, direct mail and web programs aimed at improving consumer engagement in health and lifestyle. He has enviable broad technology and full product development life cycle experience and leadership in medical and behavioral health settings. A committed lifelong learner, Ian holds a unique combination of industry focused degrees and certifications.

Currently, Ian is the LifeNexus CIO and product architect for the iChip personal health record solution and web portal, ensuring that patients and their doctors secure access to accurate personal health information. Thanks to his ingenious iChip-enabled health insurance cards, patient wait time is dramatically reduced, allowing for increased personal insight into health, and significantly improving the quality of care.

Formerly, Ian was the Carewise Health Divisional CIO, where he led the technical build of a collaborative health portal for large self-insured employers, bringing together content, digital coaching programs, collaboration tools and feedback mechanisms to help engage members and improve their health. Additionally, he oversaw the technical build of a population-based care gaps program, comparing patient health information and care patterns against recommended care standards.

As Senior Vice President of Catasys Health, Ian led product design, operational and technical support of cutting edge treatment program for substance dependence, including patented and member specific medical and behavioral treatment modalities, care coaching, and online tools to reinforce member sobriety.

While Senior Vice President for LifeMasters, Ian led multivariable tests (MVT) to improve patient enrollment and engagement in population-based telephonic health programs. These MVT’s created single, double and triple-digit improvements in patient enrollment and engagement. He further led R&D efforts which led to a study published in the June 2009 issue of The American Journal of Managed Care.

As a widely recognized industry thought leader, Ian consults and advises early stage healthcare product and services companies, manages online forums dedicated to patient engagement and authors the blog

He holds Master of Healthcare Innovation from Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation as well as Master of Business Administration with concentration in Healthcare Management from Colorado Technical University.

Ian Worden's compassion and innovative tech design and consumer engagement touches every spectrum of the vital Healthcare environment, working wonders on improving patient health, well-being and saving lives and patient healthcare costs. Always gaining new knowledge and insight as the Healthcare industry grows and transforms, he is a true visionary, driven to impact new Healthcare innovation and direction in the future of health products and services.

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