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Charles Chung

Possessing over 20 years as successful Senior Management Professional in Banking and Financial industry, Charles Chung is a dedicated team leader with strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

He was born in Seoul, Korea and at 11 years-old joined his father, assigned to General Manager of Hong Kong office. Charles graduated from a British elementary school for international students and lived in Hong Kong for three years. When he was 16, Charles joined his father, assigned to New York.

Diligent, with a keen sense of humour and the gift of making people laugh, he is driven to help those in need and loves to teach children.

His guiding philosophy: "In life and business, always be thankful and achieve your best at all times."

Most recently, as Senior Vice President, Korean American Catholics Federal Credit Union, Flushing, NY., he formulated Credit Union policies and strategies, developed new loan and deposit products, managed delinquent loan and credit card accounts, including foreclosures, and prepared financial reports and presented loans for Board approval. In the preceeding five years, as Senior Loan Consultant, Hana Mortgage, Little Neck, NY., he developed resources for new loans, contacting professional and business organizations, loan consulting for small business owners and presented loan seminars to prospective clients, analyzing their loan eligibility and arranged client mortgage and business loan products.

As Vice President and Senior Loan Officer/ CRA Officer for Liberty Bank of New York, Charles managed mortgage, business and trade finance loans, and spearheaded a full service SBA Loan approval program, creating new product for the Bank. He further analyzed monthly & quarterly loan department reports, managed delinquent and problem assets, including foreclosures and prepared legal documents for closings.

As Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer/Compliance Officer for Chohung Bank of New York, he managed its SBA and Mortgage Loan Dept, reviewed $80MM bank loan portfolio, managed troubled assets, retrieving $4MM, managed vault operations and safe deposit box as well as training staff on meeting requirements of Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Currency Transaction Report (CTR).

For BNB Bank, New York, he was Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer wherein he analyzed commercial mortgage and SBA loans, initiated and launched revised L/C fee schedule.

Charles received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University at Albany. Bilingual in English and Korean, he is a Licensed Notary Public, State of New York, and Life Insurance, State of New York.

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