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Carlos Lopez

Born in Honduras, Carlos Lopez grew up in Louisiana, and New Orleans is his home. His art, based on direct observation and meditation, interacting with space, light, and form, is rooted in the traditions of drawing and painting.

Much of his recent works feature his latest infatuation, the oyster shell, emanating from his love of New Orleans, its culture and cuisine. "When the sunlight bounces off the shell, I see so much beauty and color. They have become my models, each a true original. As with the unlimited variety of shells gracing the New Orleans shore, no two Carlos Lopez paintings are ever alike.

New Orleans is the place, at once surreal, with a classical, ageless truth -- each painting emanating warmth, feeling and charm.

Carlos brings the joy of nature indoors, as he paints from life and requires direct sunlight, from sun-up to sun-down. You'll find the artist in his natural element, in his studio, capturing the images and colors on canvas from his unique perspective and vibrant vision.

The artist and fine arts painter exhibits for a gallery in New Orleans, with his artwork featured in numerous magazines and online sites. Several galleries around Louisiana have exhibited his works and he has shown in the New Orleans Museum of Art. He has an enthusiastic base of collectors both nationally and internationally.

"I paint from life, figure, still life, landscape, and abstract, classically, with modern and contemporary realism subjects.

Carlos studied Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans and attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts for 5 years, mentored by Master realist painter, Auseklis Ozols. His works are touched with the knowing hand of modern impressionists, figurative sculptors, and classical realists.

His shells, full of passion and fever, are a personal favorite of Carlos Lopez.

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